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What Chips Are Vegan? [For the Snackers]

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Swearing off animal food products might’ve been easy (or not), but resisting junk food certainly isn’t, especially when those cravings hit. Sometimes, those cravings can only be satiated with a big bag of chips. That mouth satisfying crunch combined with the mouth-watering flavor is simply a perfect match made in heaven.

The bad news is, not all chips are vegan.

Even though chips are mainly made of potatoes and corn, their seasonings might contain animal-derived products. For example, the BBQ flavor often contains lard, the roasted chicken flavor has chicken stock in them, and the cheese flavors contain dairy. Even simple flavors could contain chicken fat, so you could accidentally eat animal products when you’re enjoying that crunchy goodness.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of vegan and healthy options for you to enjoy. This article will introduce 10 of them, so you can treat yourself to some delicious chips without breaking your vegan principles.

Delicious Vegan Chips to Satisfy Your Cravings

1. Pringles The Original

Pringles is a must-have for every road trip and party. Its chips might not all be vegan, but its original flavor certainly is.

The main ingredients of Pringles The Original consist of dried potatoes, cornflour, and wheat starch. It is fried in vegetable oil sprinkled with salt afterward. As you can see, it’s made with all plant-based ingredients.

Pringles The Original is simple yet tasty, and it is the backbone of every party’s snack table. It may not be the healthiest chips out there, but it certainly is one of the most popular ones that can be enjoyed by both non-vegans and vegans.

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2. El Sabroso Original Salsitas Spicy Salsa Flavored Tortilla Rounds

Most original flavors are vegan, but that doesn’t mean that’s all vegans have to enjoy. For those who like their chips spicy, this salsa-flavored tortilla will make your taste buds dance.

These tortillas are made with all plant-based ingredients, like corn, salt, and sugar. They are seasoned with onion, garlic, avocado, and tomato, basically everything you’ll find in salsa sauces, except in powder form. Jalapeno pepper is added for the spiciness, and it is fried in vegetable oil, with no animal products added.

On days when you’re craving something spicy, these chips are your best bet.

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3. Sunchips Original Whole Grain Snacks

These chips by Sunchips are not only tasty but they are also healthier than other chips on the market.

These chips are totally vegan since they’re made with whole corn and whole wheat, and sunflower oil, with good old salt and sugar as the main seasonings.

Being whole grain, these chips contain more fiber than their counterparts. It also contains more nutrients than chips from many other brands, such as calcium, iron, and potassium.

What makes them even better is that this delicious snack is 100% natural. It contains no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and it contains 30% less fat than other run-of-the-mill potato chips. They’re also low in saturated fat and cholesterol, which makes them better for your heart health.

If you’re craving some chips, Sunchips Original is a terrific choice that will satisfy you and keep you healthy.

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4. Forager Project Cheesy Greens Vegetable Chips

These Forager Project chips are another healthy option for you to snack on. They are eco-friendly and contain lots of fiber, different vitamins, and the best part? They’re cheese-flavored and vegan!

The Forager Project only makes plant-based foods because it believes that plants are better for you and the planet. Indeed, its snacks are better for you, as they are gluten-free and contain 1 and a half cups of organic leafy greens in each bag. Forager Project also helps promote biodiversity, improve soil fertility, and protect our environment, for its plant-based ingredients are grown without using chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

These chips are healthy, eco-friendly, and taste great. They are produced with minimal impact on the planet, so know that you’re promoting a great cause and staying healthy while you’re snacking on these cheesy greens.

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5. Lay’s Original

While not the healthiest option, Lay’s Original is a favorite among vegans and non-vegans alike.

Lay’s Original is a no-brainer for parties and binge sessions. It’s not intentionally made to be vegan, but its ingredients list just contains no animal-derived products. It’s made with potatoes, fried in vegetable oil, and seasoned with salt. A simple yet delicious recipe that everyone loves.

Even though it is not that healthy, the great thing about Lay’s is that you can get it everywhere. So, next time you’re craving some vegan junk food, no need to go out of your way to find them, just grab some Lay’s.

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6. Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

The well-loved Doritos has 17 flavors available, but only two of them are vegan-friendly. One of those flavors is the spicy and sweet chili flavor.

The main ingredients of this Doritos flavor are whole corn, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, along with other seasonings. The sweet and spicy flavor bursts in your mouth with every bite, and with the satisfying crunch, you won’t be able to stop snacking.

With its 100% plant-based ingredients list and a flavor that packs a punch, the Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili flavor is a great tortilla chip for movie marathons and road trips.

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7. Doritos Salsa Verde

As mentioned, two out of the 17 flavors of Doritos are vegan, and the Salsa Verde flavor is the other tasty one.

A fan favorite, Salsa Verde Doritos has conquered the taste buds of many people. Its plant-based ingredients list means that vegans can enjoy this delicious flavor without feeling guilty as well.

These tortilla chips are sweet, spicy, and perfect for dipping in your favorite vegan salsa.

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8. Terra Original

Snack without feeling guilty for breaking your vegan principles or your healthy diet with some Terra Original chips. What makes these chips special is that they’re made with root vegetables, which also makes them appetizingly colorful.

In a bag, you could taste chips made from, yuca (pale yellow-white), taro (white with purplish-brown lines), sweet potato (orange), parsnip (white), batata (light brown), and other vegetables dipped in autumn red beet juice.

It gets better, Terra Original contains no cholesterol, trans-fat, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives. Its gluten-free chips are slices of non-GMO root vegetables, so Terra Original is definitely a healthier option than most chips you see on supermarket shelves.

By the way, all Terra chips are vegan and gluten-free, so you have a number of delicious and healthy options to choose from.

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9. Fritos Original Corn Chips

Fritos Original has been around for more than 80 years, so it’s safe to say that this flavor is a favorite among many chip lovers. It is enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans, as it contains no animal-derived products.

Its ingredients list is simple, as it is made with only corn, corn oil, and seasoned with salt. The simple flavor is great for just snacking and scooping up mouthfuls of delicious vegan dippings.

If you want a slightly healthier chip that tastes like junk food, Fritos Original is the best for you.

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10. Kettle Spicy Thai

If you’re craving something that tastes more exotic, Spicy Thai Kettle chips will satisfy your taste buds with its bold flavor that packs a serious punch.

Even though it’s not the healthiest option, Kettle makes its chips with natural food ingredients (The potatoes Kettle uses are even grown on local farms!) and are slightly healthier than its counterparts.

Not that into Spicy Thai? Kettle offers lots of vegan options (but not all flavors are vegan), like its Kettle Original, Backyard Barbecue, and Maple Bacon. So you’re quite spoiled for choice when it comes to Kettle chip flavors.

Plus, Kettle is committed to promoting sustainable practices like using renewable energy and using biodiesel to transport products. If you’re eating these, you’re also supporting these awesome causes.

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Chips are simple and delicious snacks, and they are must-haves for house parties and road trips. While most flavors contain animal-derived products, that doesn’t mean vegans have to give up these tasty snacks.

From vegan brands that offer whole-grain and low-fat chips, to big names in the potato chip industry with flavors that are less than healthy, vegans do have plenty of flavors to choose from for their binge-eating session.

Now that you have seen all the tasty vegan options, you can stock up on them for days when you want nothing more than those crunchy and delicious snacks that have you shoving in mouthfuls nonstop.

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