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Vegan Workout Clothes for Men and Women

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Workout clothes are wardrobe essentials. Good workout clothes can enhance your performance, and have you looking good while you do it.

The good news is, most workout clothes are vegan-friendly. The most common materials used in your activewear are cotton, polyester, and spandex – all made without animal products. Whether you’re looking for vegan workout clothes that double as loungewear or activewear that shows the world your vegan values, this list has something for you.

Read on for our recommendations of vegan workout clothes for men and women.

Women’s Vegan Workout Clothes

The Bold Banana Women’s Vegan AF Tank Top

Show the world your vegan values with this tank top! This top is made with 100% cotton, so you can be sure that no animals were harmed to produce it. The fabric is also made of ringspun cotton, which is cotton spun in a specific way that makes it stronger, more durable, and a lot softer than the standard fabric. The racerback design cools you down quicker, so you’ll feel as cool as you look. You can totally count on this top to keep you comfy and cool while you work out, so why not get one?

Powered By Plants Vegan Workout Shirt

Made completely without animal products, this vegan t-shirt is a great top for your workout sessions. This t-shirt is made with cotton and polyester, so it’s soft and it’s got some stretch to handle workouts. You can wear this comfy t-shirt for working out, lounging about, and a casual day out. The green “Powered by Plants†slogan on the shirt is cute, and it shows the world you’re killing your workouts, not animals.

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Adidas Ultimate Aeroready Workout Bra

Work out in style in this Adidas sports bra! Adidas has put in lots of effort to become a more ethical brand, and those efforts have paid off. It has received Ethical Consumer’s best rating for Environmental Reporting and is miles ahead of other big brands in this aspect. It is made completely without animal products. This sports bras’ X-back design and built-in support can handle high-impact workouts, so you can sweat it out comfortably, knowing that no animals were harmed in its production process.

Satva Organic Cotton Sports Bra

This sports bra from Satva isn’t just cute, it’s also vegan and eco-friendly! Satva partners with farms that use less water and eliminates the use of pesticides, earning this brand the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. The high-quality organic cotton lining makes it breathable, and the hypoallergenic qualities make it suitable for everyone. The cross-back design is stylish yet functional, giving you extra support and allowing you to stretch with ease. A sports bra that is comfortable, sustainable, and ethical? It doesn’t get any better than this.

ODODOS High-Waisted Yoga Leggings

Made with polyester and spandex, these leggings are comfy, full of stretch, and vegan-friendly. And yes, they have pockets. With pockets on both sides, you don’t have to worry about where to put your phone anymore. The 4-way stretch fabric is not see-through, which makes it perfect for working out. The high-waisted design highlights your curves, and the compression gives you a streamlined look. With these leggings, you can work out comfortably and in style.

Satva Organic Cotton Mantra Legging

Satva has collections of sustainable workout clothes that are high-quality and vegan-friendly, and these leggings are no exception. Designed with our planet in mind, these leggings are made with GOTS certified organic cotton and lycra. What’s more, Satva also uses low-impact dye and non-toxic materials to make all its products. The 4-way stretch fabric is non-see-through, and it will help remove moisture from your body. These leggings are comfy, vegan, and eco-friendly, what more do you ask for?

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SweatyRocks Striped Side Sweatpants

Here’s another piece that doubles as workout clothes and loungewear – our all-time favorite sweatpants. Made with polyester and spandex, this pair is vegan without a doubt. Other than all the standard properties of comfy sweatpants, this pair has rainbow stripes down the sides, giving them a pop of color. You can work out in these or put together a cute athleisure outfit with them. These leggings are so versatile and comfy, they’re worth every penny you spend.

Maaji Recycled Mid Rise Legging

Take your love for animals even further with this sustainable pair of leggings. Less plastic out there that could pollute our oceans and hurt animals. These leggings are made with love for our planet, using recycled fabrics to make them and consuming less water during production. With quick-dry technology, you can count on them to keep you dry during your workouts. The 4-way stretch makes them ideal for all types of exercises. With these leggings, You can work out and show your love for both animals and our planet.

Men’s Vegan Workout Clothes

Vegan for Everything Bodybuilding Tank Top

Looking for a top that shows off those biceps you worked hard for and your vegan values? This tank top is for you. The quirky motifs and the vegan slogan set this tank top apart, and the sleeveless design is perfect for weightlifting or working out in general. Made with 100% cotton, this tank top is as vegan-friendly as the slogan printed on it.

Kill Workouts Not Animals Vegan Muscle Shirt

Kill your workouts in this t-shirt! Made with cotton, this t-shirt is 100% vegan, which aligns with the slogan printed on the front. This shirt is an all-rounder. It’s great for working out, it’s comfortable enough to be worn to bed, and it’s a casual top you can wear to run errands. It is a practical option for those looking for versatile t-shirts they can wear every day.

Hanes Pullover Eco-Smart Sweatshirt

Protect animals and our environment in this hoodie! This hoodie is made with vegan-friendly materials including cotton and polyester, and a part of this hoodie is even made with recycled plastic bottles. Durability is a feature of this hoodie. It is pill-resistant, so it can handle repeated washes after many sweaty gym sessions. With all the practical features and comfort every hoodie offers and an eco-friendly component, this hoodie is a better alternative to others.

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QUALFORT Men’s Bamboo Crewneck

Take your love for that plant-based lifestyle up a notch with this bamboo t-shirt. This t-shirt is made with 70% organic bamboo and 30% cotton, so you’re doing our planet a favor by wearing it. Thoughtfully constructed to have that signature relaxed look of all t-shirts, but at the same time, the classic cut just makes you look effortlessly cool. This t-shirt is extra soft and provides comfort for everyday wear and workouts, and the organic bamboo fabric makes it so much better than its counterparts.

BALEAF Men’s Lightweight Joggers

Lightweight, quick-dry, and even zippered pockets, these joggers have got them all. Made with a blend of high-quality nylon and spandex, these joggers are stretchy enough to handle all your workouts and completely vegan-friendly. The quick-dry fabric and the mesh panels down the sides provide extra breathability, and the zippered pockets make sure your important stuff stays where they are during your runs. With all these practical features at an affordable price, these joggers are easily one of the best options.

Fair Trade Organic Joggers

These joggers by Fair Indigo are not just vegan, they are also ethical and sustainable. These are made with 97% organic cotton that is planted without harmful chemicals from seed to sow, and the rest of the 3% is made up of spandex refined French terry fabric, which is completely vegan. Fair Indigo also uses environmental-friendly dyes that are safe for both workers and our planet. The result from all that thoughtfulness is a pair of well-made and comfortable joggers that will last you for years to come.

HMIYA Quick-Dry Training Shorts

You can count on these workout shorts to keep you dry and comfortable during your gym sessions. The quick-dry fabric will keep the moisture away from you, and the side mesh panels up the level of ventilation, keeping these shorts breathable. A loose fit guarantees comfort and full-range motions, and the inner drawcords are adjustable and keep these shorts from sliding down even during intense workouts. Plus, they are made completely without animal products, which makes them even better.

Pudolla Quick-Dry Running Shorts

You’ll stay cool and comfortable in these 2-in1 shorts designed for running. The inner layer prevents chafing, so you can hit your 5Ks without worries, and the phone pocket on the inner layer will keep your phone in place. The outer layer is lightweight and soft, giving them breathability and quick-dry features. These shorts are also imbued with lots of stretch, so they can handle all your other workouts as well. If you’re looking for a pair of running shorts, these are for you.

Activewear is essential for working out, as it keeps you comfortable and helps prevent sports-related injuries. With the rising popularity of the athleisure style, activewear has also become trendy pieces you can wear every day.

Luckily, most workout clothes are vegan-friendly, so you can shop for them without worries. You can also expand your love for animals by going for organic and eco-friendly options that take care of workers and our planet. With this list, you have 16 recommendations of vegan-friendly and even eco-friendly options for your workouts, so you can find your next trusty workout buddy while doing our planet and animals a favor.

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