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14 Vegan Wallets That Go With Everything

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Regardless of style, wallets are an essential accessory. Though this timeless accessory is often made with leather, fortunately, there are plenty of stylish vegan wallets on the market.

Processing leather also contains other hazards, as toxic chemicals are used. Workers are exposed to the dangerous toxins all day, and the wastewater of factories goes on to pollute rivers, lakes, and the ocean. 

Driven by the increasing concerns for animal welfare, the environment, and our health, many are choosing to become vegans. Veganism promotes plant-based eating, and it is cruelty-free and a sustainable lifestyle. Due to the rise of veganism, vegan fashion is gaining popularity, and it is showing people that they can be fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time.

Below are 14 vegan wallets that will hold your valuables as well as hold up your vegan values.

Vegan Wallets for Men

Vegan Leather Bifold Wallets For Men with RFID

This bifold wallet doesn’t just hold your cash and cards, it also protects against electronic pickpocketing. Armed with RFID blocking technology, your identity and credit card details are kept safe with this wallet. High-quality vegan leather is used to make this wallet, so the appearance and texture are identical to genuine leather. This wallet is hand-made to ensure the best quality, and it offers a lifetime warranty. The best part? No animals were harmed in the making of this wallet.

Corkor Cork Bifold Wallet

This vegan wallet has a classic bifold design, and it is made with cork, the outer bark of oak trees. Harvesting cork is sustainable since removing the bark doesn’t involve harming trees and the bark will replenish. This cork wallet is built to last, and Corkor also offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. With 6 colors to choose from and a distinct texture, this cork wallet is a stylish alternative to ones made of leather.

AG Wallets Faux Leather Bifold Wallet

This faux leather bifold wallet from AG wallets is great for the practical guys. It is made with durable faux leather that can stand the test of time, and it is cruelty-free as well. With a center flap, more slots are created to hold your cards. It is also RFID secure, so your personal information and card details won’t be stolen remotely. Having a timeless bifold design, this wallet will be a stylish addition to any outfit you wear.

Vegan Bifold Wallet

Made with vegan leather, this bifold wallet is durable, stylish, and cruelty-free. The vegan leather resembles the look and feel of real leather, and it is certainly as durable as wallets made with genuine leather. Protected against RFID, you will be safe from electronic pickpocketing and identity thefts. With 8 slots and 2 side slip pockets, there is enough room for you to store all your cards. Having a sleek look, this wallet works in both casual and formal settings.

Watson & Wolfe Vegan Leather RFID Protective Wallet with Coin Pocket

This vegan wallet is on the expensive side of this list, but premium quality and sustainability are benefits that come with a higher price. Its vegan leather is made from renewable plant sources, so you can reduce your carbon footprint. The lining of this wallet is an electric blue, and it is made from recycled materials, which use less water, CO2, and energy to produce. This vegan wallet comes in both brown and black, and it is more eco-friendly than most vegan leather wallets. 

Woody Men’s Wallet

For conscious consumers who value practicality above all else, this wallet is for you. The Woody Men’s Wallet by GUNAS New York has enough pockets to fit all your cards, and it comes with a zippered compartment for you to store those coins. Not only is it made with cruelty-free vegan leather, but it is also free of plastic. It is slim and light, so no worries about it being bulky. Its cool color block design makes sure this practical wallet will carry you through the day-to-day with style.

Belltown – Minimalist Vegan Leather Wallet

This minimalist vegan wallet by Alchemy Goods is compact, but it will hold all the necessary cards and cash. It is slim, light, and it won’t add a lot of bulk to your back pocket. This wallet is also eco-friendly, as it was made with reclaimed rubber, and that drastically decreased its carbon footprint. This wallet is perfect for minimalists who only bring the essentials with them, and it is also great for a night out. If you’re looking for something compact and functional, this is the perfect pick for you.

Vegan Wallets for Women

UTO Long Wallet

For ladies who’ve got tons of cards, change, and miscellaneous trinkets, you will be happy with the size of this wallet. It is long enough to fit your phone and provides more than enough slots for your cards and cash. There is also a zippered compartment for your coins. This wallet is made of PU leather that is vegan-friendly. It resembles the look and texture of real leather, but it is free of animal products. With almost 30 colors to choose from, you can surely find one that you love.

FT Funtor Vegan Wristlet

Made with PU leather, this vegan wristlet is both stylish and cruelty-free. With a classic wristlet design, it hangs securely on your wrist. This way, you have free hands to go about your day. Its slightly worn leather look gives it character, and your phone will easily fit in this large wristlet. This wristlet also comes in 11 colors, so you can definitely find one that goes with your unique personality and all your outfits.

Bungalow 360 Billfold Vegan Wallet

Designed in California, this fun vegan wallet will capture the heart of every animal lover. Featuring a velcro closure, vinyl ID window, a zippered compartment, and 4 card slots, this compact wallet will hold all your essentials. It is made with cotton canvas, which is both cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Another good reason to get this wallet is that a portion of sales is donated to animal causes, so your money will be put to good use. With a fun design, functionality, and a good cause, this colorful wallet is worth every penny.

Mundi Jacqui Vegan Leather RFID Crossbody Wallet

This vegan wallet by Mundi is a practical buy that will give your outfits a stylish upgrade. Mundi is dedicated to producing wallets that are affordable, fashionable, and functional. This brand also cares deeply about sustainability, so its products are made with recycled water bottles, water-based synthetics, and vegan leather. Its Jacqui wallet has a shoulder strap that allows you to carry your phone and valuables everywhere while having free hands. Both the shoulder strap and wristlet strap are removable, so the wallet can be adapted according to your needs.

Bostanten Vegan Leather Long Wristlet

This long wristlet is made with eco-friendly vegan leather that is scratch-resistant and durable. Equipped with a built-in metal composite, your personal information is safe from RFID signals that aim to steal your card details. Being a long wristlet, your phone will fit right in with your other essentials. Got countless cards? No worries. This wristlet has 17 card slots, so all your cards and coupons will have a place to go. With a zip-around closure, all your essentials will stay safely in the wristlet once you zip it shut, so you can go about your day securely and stylishly. 

Logan Zip Around Clutch

Add a pop of color to your outfits with this vegan clutch! With eye-catching patterns in bright colors, this clutch will be a lively and trendy addition to any outfit. It is made of PVC, and it is vegan friendly. It’s got lots of card slots and space for your phone. With a zip-around closure, a detachable wristlet strap, RFID blocking technology, this clutch from Fossil has it all.

Art For The Cure Pink and Natural Cork Wallet

Made with natural materials, this wallet is eco-friendly and cruelty-free as well. This vegan wallet is PETA certified, and the source of its materials is sustainably managed. This wallet might be small, but it features lots of pockets and slots that will definitely be enough for carrying your essentials. Plus, environmental protection is not the only good cause this brand supports. It donates 10% of its proceeds to cancer research, so you can protect the environment, support a good cause, and have a stylish accessory with this wallet. How can you refuse?

The sustainable fashion movement has resonated with many conscious consumers. Slowly, but surely, people worldwide are beginning to see the benefits of vegan products, and how they serve as better substitutes for their unsustainable counterparts. 

Wallets are the holders of all your valuable daily essentials. They are easy to carry, and this practical accessory is never out of style. With vegan options, fashion does not have to come at the cost of animals’ lives and environmental pollution, and you can be as stylish as you are eco-friendly.

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