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12 Vegan Tote Bags Big Enough to Store all Your Stuff

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Tote bags are a must-have for many. Its large capacity makes it ideal for professionals and students to hold their laptops and files. Tote bags are great for trips, and they are also practical for moms who have to carry diapers and milk bottles everywhere they go.

Over the years, tote bags have also become a fashion statement for ladies. It is a staple for most stores, no matter if they are luxury or fast-fashion brands.

To make a sturdy and stylish tote bag, the first kind of material that comes to mind is leather. It is true that leather is sturdy, but the leather industry is also notorious for neglecting labor rights, environmental protection, and animal welfare.

Luckily, there are plenty of cruelty-free options on the market, and below is a selection of 13 vegan tote bags that work and look just as well as their leather counterparts.

Dreubea Women’s Faux Leather Tote Bag

This faux leather tote bag from Dreubea is soft, stylish, and has the capacity for all your daily necessities. A gold button is set in the middle of the opening for closure, and it adds a glint of elegance to the bag. A tassel also hangs on a handle to adorn the bag, giving it a stylish look. Being so stylish and practical, it is not hard to see why it is the bestseller in the women’s shoulder handbags category on Amazon. With more than two dozen colors to choose from, you can certainly find your next go-to bag for the everyday.

Overbrooke Large Vegan Leather Tote Bag

The next vegan tote bag is Amazon’s Choice for its reasonable price and positive ratings. Having a slouchy style, this tote is best for laidback everyday looks. It is also made with vegan leather that is soft to the touch, and cotton canvas that is completely free of animal products. It comes in 3 colors, which are black, burgundy, and tan. These colors are versatile and classy, and they will go with most clothes you own while giving your looks a sophisticated upgrade.

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Scarleton Vegan Leather Reversible Tote Handbag

This vegan tote bag is reversible and has 14 color combinations to fit your preferences, so you can change colors according to different outfits. This tote features a magnetic closure and a capacity that will fit a MacBook Pro and more. A small coin bag also comes with this tote, so you won’t have to buy a separate one to keep all those change and cards. If a simple yet stylish bag is what you’re looking for, this one’s for you.

Dasein Women’s Large Tote Bag with Top Handle

At Dasein, every item is designed to reflect the wearer’s style and personality, and this vegan tote bag is a perfect example of its products. Other than having a large capacity, it also features internal compartments and pouches that make organization easy. There are also external zippers that can be used to adjust the size of the bag. With a zipper closure, your belongings are safe. Shiny gold hardware adorns the bag, adding elegance and luxe to this structured tote. Made with eco-friendly PU leather, this bag is certainly a great pick for stylish vegans.

Emperia Bracelyn Premium Faux Vegan Leather Two-Piece Tote Bag

With a simplistic design and practical functions, this vegan leather tote bag is another great choice. This tote bag features a convenient magnetic closure, so you don’t have to fumble with snaps. To make up for the lack of compartments, a matching zippered bag also comes with this tote. The pebbled vegan leather exterior is dustproof and waterproof, and the bag is fully lined with smooth vegan leather. To make it even better, this tote is made with PETA-approved vegan leather, which guarantees a cruelty-free status.

Overbrooke Classic Vegan Laptop Tote Bag

For those who need a pretty bag to bring their laptop everywhere, this vegan tote is made for them. The tote bag features a padded laptop compartment, along with pouches and slots on either side to store your phone and pens. There are seven colors to choose from, with white stitchings to contrast with the vibrant hues. With a zippered closure, your belongings will stay inside even when the bag is turned upside down. This tote also comes with an exterior pocket. With so many practical features, it will soon become your go-to bag.

Work Tote by My Best Friend is a Bag

My Best Friend Is A Bag has collections of business tote bags that are practical, stylish, and affordable. As is every product of this vegan handbag brand, this vegan tote bag is handmade, which guarantees quality and durability. With three zippered compartments, your laptop and pads have dedicated places for them in this bag. It also features side pockets for your phone and pens, and a clip is also there to hang your keys. Metal studs are placed at the bottom to prevent wear and tear. This is a tote bag designed by businesswomen for businesswomen, so it will definitely tick all your boxes for a work bag.

Katie Loxton Women’s Vegan Leather Parker Shopper Tote Bag

Katie Loxton’s products are designed to inspire and create stylish treats worth wishing for,†and you’ll definitely put this vegan tote bag on your wishing list. This tote bag comes in black and silver, making it the perfect companion for shopping. Made with vegan leather, it is cruelty-free. This is a large bag that has one open compartment and offers more than enough room for all your daily essentials. A polished plate and sentiments written in gold are small details that add elements of luxe to this bag. Whether you’re going on a day trip or just picking things up from the supermarket, this is a bag you can use to carry all your belongings.

Rachel Large Vegan Leather Tote Handbag With Additional Pouch

Simplicity is key to a sleek outfit, and this vegan tote bag is all about that. This tote has a simple yet practical design, featuring only a magnetic closure, and an unlined interior. The open compartment and its large size make it easy to fit larger items in. An additional pouch and a detachable shoulder strap also come with the tote. You can use the pouch to store smaller items or use it as a vegan crossbody bag. With such practicality, versatility, and style, it is certainly a great choice for those looking for their next vegan tote.

Bungalow 360 Vegan Tote Bag

Show your love for animals with this printed vegan tote bag from Bungalow! If funky prints and cute animals are what you’re into, this bag will bring a big smile to your face. Bungalow’s products are 100% vegan as natural cotton canvas is used to make its products, and the one-of-a-kind prints are designed in California. This tote features a zippered closure, with small zippered compartments both on the inside and outside. Your choice of prints ranges from man’s best friends to gentle giants of the sea. Part of its proceeds also goes to animal causes, taking your love for animals to the next level.

Overbrooke Reversible Vegan Leather Tote Bag with Wristlet

Having a hard time deciding which color to get? Get two with this reversible vegan tote bag from Overbrooke. This bag is made with vegan leather, which is waterproof and scratch-proof, so it can tote-ally withstand daily use. Featuring an open compartment and a hidden magnetic closure, you have quick access to your belongings. Even though there are not zippered compartments or pouches, it does come with a wristlet you can use to store those cards, coins, and keys. With this tote, you’re getting two with the price of one, and that’s a feature we all love?

Beyond Bags Faux Leather Tote Bag in Black

This tote from Beyond Bags is a treat for conscious consumers, for it is sweatshop-free, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. The exterior is made with PU in a glossy patent finish, giving it a glamorous vibe. It is fully lined with up-cycled organic cotton, with recycled buckles in the gunmetal finish. Its shoulder straps are detachable, and their length can be adjusted as well. This vegan tote is a great everyday bag that can also be used on special occasions, and its eco-friendly designs also make it a perfect bag for conscious shoppers.

There are lots of vegan tote bags on the market that are stylish, sturdy, and practical, so there is no need to harm animals for fashion. With these recommendations, you can find your next cruelty-free bag that is imbued with style and practicality.

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