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14 Best Vegan Sneakers for Everyday Wear

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Shoes are necessities of life. Preferences might differ, but most people own a pair (or many pairs) of sneakers.

As technology advances, man-made materials now can look just like the real deal. Vegan sneakers are engineered to be as sturdy, and they even have benefits genuine leather lacks, like resistance to scratches and being easy to clean.

Here are some cool-looking vegan sneakers you can wear without impacting the lives of innocent animals.

Best Vegan Sneakers for Women

Veja Women’s Nova Ht Vegan Sneakers

Made with organic cotton canvas, these Veja sneakers are great for both the environment and completing your stylish outfits. These high-top sneakers feature a classic lace-up front and a back pull tab. Plus, with removable cushioned insoles, they’re comfortable to walk in. The classic and retro design looks great with both jeans and dresses, and their casual vibe makes them a perfect pair of go-to kicks.

Reebok Women’s Rivyx Ripple Casual Classic Sneakers

These Reebok kicks have a chunky silhouette and serrated outsoles that provide extra grip, and their overtly structured upper features stitching details that give these shoes a sleek look. These shoes have front and back pull tabs that feature stripes of Reebok’s classic colors, red and blue. They’re not just cool-looking, they are made completely with synthetic materials. With this pair, you can rock your killer outfits without sacrificing your vegan values. 

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Reebok Women’s Princess Sneaker

Having been a brand staple for over 30 years, you can bet that the Reebok Princess Sneakers are many stylish ladies’ go-tos. The synthetic leather upper is perforated for breathability, and the detailed stitchings give them structure and durability. With a low-cut design, the Princess looks sleek and is easy to style. This pair comes in bold red, perfect for adding a pop of color into your everyday looks and putting together sophisticated outfits.

Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes

This pair of kicks from Nike is definitely one of the most classic vegan sneakers out there. With retro design enjoying commercial success, these tennis style shoes took reference from way back and have been a favorite ever since. The famous Swoosh logo contrasts against the upper, which is made 100% with synthetic materials. Its thick soles provide traction and extra durability, and they also make sure your feet stay comfy after a whole day of walking. With a classic design and a guarantee of comfort, you will not regret going old-school with this pair of stylish kicks.

Nike Women’s Air Vapor Indoor Court

Now here’s a pair for fitness enthusiasts. This pair of tennis shoes from Nike are designed for indoor activities, and their rubber soles provide grip against the often slippery floor of indoor courts. Designed with athletes’ comfort and performance in mind, these shoes are lightweight for agile movements, and the toebox is perforated to maximize breathability. They are made with textile and synthetic upper as well as textile linings, and no animal products were involved. Stay on top of your game with these comfortable indoor court shoes!

PUMA Ferrari R-cat Sneaker

Incorporating the aesthetic of the Italian supercar, these shoes have a sleek low-cut silhouette designed for agile movements and are set in Ferrari’s signature color racing red. Italy’s flag colors are used to decorate these shoes’ tongue and the heel, and around the lateral finishes, you will find a Ferrari badge. Made with synthetic leather upper and textile lining, these shoes are cruelty-free. Expertly crafted with the spirit of the Italian supercar, these retro motorsport shoes will certainly rev up your looks in the streets.

PUMA Women’s Cali Wedge Sneaker

Inspired by West Coast vibes, the Cali Wedge by PUMA is a fashionable addition to ladies who want a pair of shoes with style and versatility. The most prominent feature of these shoes is the wedge. With a 2-inch wedge, you can count on them to give your height a boost. No need to worry about animal welfare either because they are made completely with synthetic materials. The classic design makes them easy to style, and you can definitely take your style to new heights with the Cali Wedge.

Best Vegan Sneakers for Men

Reebok Unisex-Adult Royal Turbo Impulse Sneaker

This pair of sneakers by Reebok is made 100% with man-made materials, so you can rest assured that no animals were involved in the process of making them. Its upper is made with textile and synthetic leather, which provide breathability and sturdiness. With Reebok’s FuelFoam sole, comfort and support are guaranteed, even for a whole day’s walk or some exercise. With classic chunky soles and a combination of bright colors, these vintage-inspired vegan sneakers will add a retro touch to your everyday outfits. 

Reebok Men’s Royal Dashonic

This pair of Reebok sneakers have a classic low-cut design that is practical and sleek. They are made with manmade materials including synthetic leather, suede, and mesh, so no animals were harmed in the making of them. These sneakers feature Reebok’s classic vector logo on the sides, giving off a retro look. With both vertical and horizontal cushioning, they reduce stress and give your heels more support. If you’re looking for a trusty partner for everyday wear, these are definitely worth considering.

Nike Shox R4 Men’s Training Fashion Sneaker

This pair of kicks by Nike is ahead of its time in both design and functionality. These sneakers feature the Nike Shox spring technology, which provides shock absorption and comfort for high-intensity activities. Nike also claims that it springs back and gives runners an extra boost in power. The perforated synthetic leather upper provides breathability, and these shoes are coated in white and metallic silver, giving them a futuristic vibe. Whether you are looking for performance running shoes or simply a pair of cool-looking kicks, these Nike Shox Sneakers are certainly one of your best options.

Nike Men’s Race Running Shoe

For runners looking for running shoes made without animal products, this is the pair to go for. The classic low-cut design allows greater freedom in movement, and the lightweight foam midsole provides comfortable cushioning to support your feet when you’re on a run. The rubber outsole provides durable traction to prevent slipping and enhance your performance. These running shoes come in both monotone black and several combinations of bright colors. With the comfort and functionality they provide, these shoes are without a doubt built for runners.

PUMA Men’s X-Ray 2 Square Sneaker

Nostalgia took the fashion world by storm last year and now, all the familiar-looking shoes we used to wear back in the days are back. These sneakers are no exceptions. With inspiration from 2000s fashion, these kicks have a structured upper, a mix of bright colors, and they are made completely with synthetic materials. Whether you want something colorful and fun, or a pair of classic white sneakers, PUMA’s X-RAY 2 collection will certainly have the pair you’re looking for.

PUMA Men’s Redon Move Fashion Sneaker

For gentlemen who value the stylish aspects of shoes, this pair is worth a try. Being inspired by martial arts, these shoes have a sleek silhouette that hugs the shape of your feet. They are made with synthetic leather upper, which is perforated for breathability and style. These shoes feature OrthoLite sock liners that are washable, lightweight, and compresses less overtime, so you can enjoy comfortable cushioning for years to come. This pair of shoes is great for athletes who need shoes they can move fast in, and they are perfect for those looking for a stylish upgrade from their usual running shoes.

PUMA Men’s Roma Basic Sneaker

Being one of the most classic silhouettes of PUMA, the Roma Basic Sneakers have been the favorites of many for decades and will not disappoint. Its exaggerated lug outsole serves aesthetic functions as well as practical ones, as it provides extra traction. What makes these retro sneakers better is the fact that they’re made with 100% synthetic materials. These stylish kicks might not be the best for getting active, but you can bet that they are great for everyday wear.

Shoes are essential to our everyday lives.

While they can be made with a number of different materials, some are made with animal products. Animal products, however, are not always obtained ethically. 

Unethically obtained animal products might come from factory farms that treat animals poorly before slaughtering them just for their hide, but is it really worth killing animals for fashion?

With plenty of conscious options at your fingertips, it’s time to say goodbye to unethical products that sabotage animal welfare. 

These stylish and comfortable vegan sneakers will carry you through life just as well as ones made with leather, so why not choose them instead?

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