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12 Vegan Combat Boots for Men & Women

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Inspired by the military, combat boots are designed with both practicality and style. Vegan combat boots are the perfect items for expressing one’s rebellious spirit, and they will certainly give your outfits an edgy boost.

To create a shiny look and make them long-lasting, many combat boots are made of genuine leather. The good news? Vegan leather and other man-made materials are all great substitutes. Being cruelty-free and eco-friendly, it’s not hard to see that vegan combat boots are much better alternatives to genuine leather.

You don’t need leather to create that bad boy or tough girl look, vegan options work just as well in helping you achieve the maximum level of edginess in your outfits. Below are 12 vegan combat boots recommendations for those who like to add some attitude into their outfits.

Best Vegan Combat Boots for Men

Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Washed Canvas Combat Boot

You can’t have a combat boot recommendation list without mentioning boots from Dr. Martens, the brand rooted deeply in alternative subcultures. These tough combat boots are made with canvas (nylon) and synthetic leather, and it features its classic slip-resistant and air-cushioned soles. These boots can also be worn folded down to create another equally cool look. Since these boots are not made of leather, you won’t have to endure the notorious (and often painful) break-in period of Dr. Martens for that long.

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Metrocharm Men’s Lace Up Cap Toe Combat Ankle Boots

Set on low-stacked heels, these combat ankle boots from Metrocharm are as versatile as they are stylish. These tough boots feature canvas panels and decorative zippers to create a unique look. Even though they’ve got a lace-up look, real zippers are also included for the ease of putting them on. These combat boots come in two colors, black and tan, which are colors that go with almost every item in your wardrobe. Besides, every part of these boots is made without animal products, so you can rest assured about the materials used to make them.

Jazamé Men’s Distressed Combat Boots with Pocket Storage

Jazamé is a brand dedicated to producing fashionable footwear while protecting animals. All of its products are made with vegan leather, and this pair is no exception. These combat boots are more polished looking than many others, and they will help you pull off that smart and sleek look without a problem. They also come with a secret compartment for storing your valuables, so you won’t have to worry about pickpockets in crowded places.

Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Boots

Designed for maximum comfort and style, these motorcycle combat boots will certainly satisfy your every need. Inspired by biker boots, these boots have vintage eyelets and decorative zippers and buckles to give them a tough look. They are cushioned around the ankles and feature padded footbeds that make these boots comfortable to walk in. With their classic yet stylish designs, they will certainly become the go-to pair for your day-to-day looks.

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot

With this pair, you get all of the classic Dr. Martens features like yellow stitching, air-cushioned sole, and excellent craftsmanship, and the best part? They’re vegan friendly. These combat boots have one of the most iconic looks around, not to mention that they never go out of style. Dr. Martens boots are also famous for their practicality. They are easy to clean, and the soles are slip and oil resistant. After the (often painful) breaking-in period has passed, they will also become the most comfortable boots you’ll ever own.

Best Vegan Combat Boots for Women

DailyShoes Women’s Quilted Mid Calf Lace Up Pocket Boots

DailyShoes made these vegan combat boots with heavy-duty vegan leather, which is said to make them resistant to wear and tear, making them your perfect partners in crime for years to come. With a long shaft, these boots reach your mid-calf. They even have a secret zip-up pocket big enough to hold cash, credit cards, and keys. Even though they have a lace-up look, they actually have side zippers for ease of wearing. The two buckles in the back and the quilted details make them stand out in a sea of basic black booties.

Cambridge Select Women’s Combat Lace-Up Riding Boot

These knee-high combat riding boots from Cambridge Select are great for those who prefer boots with longer shafts. No animals were involved in the making of these killer boots, as they are made solely with man-made materials. Low-heeled and padded, you can walk all day in these boots without a problem. Not only do these keep your legs warmer, but they will also easily give all your fall and winter outfits a stylish update.

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Soda Magpie Faux Leather Lace-Up Combat 

Prema Faux Leather Combat Boots

These faux leather combat boots from Tobi are as cool as they are ethical, for they are made with man-made materials only. These boots feature lace-up closures, and the faux leather is super shiny. They have got chunky heels, which are one of the most sought-after styles this year. These boots come in both black and white, so you can pair them with your outfits no matter if you are into darker colors or lighter hues.

Faux-Fur Knit Lace-Up Combat Boot

These faux-fur combat boots are perfect for those chillier days! Having lace-up closures and a fold-down design, they are stylish and practical, not to mention ethically made. These boots are made with synthetic materials throughout, so you can rock those cute winter looks with a clear conscience. With faux-fur lining, they are super comfy. You can count on them to keep your feet toasty and stylish all day.

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Vegan Leather Lace Up Combat Boots

You don’t have to break the bank to get a new pair of boots because these vegan combat boots from Romwe are both affordable and stylish. Made with PU leather and rubber, the production process of these boots is cruelty-free. These combat boots come in a rich brown with white stitchings as accentuating details. They have side zippers, so no worries about taking too much time putting them on.

This pair of low-heeled vegan combat boots come with comfy padded insoles that allow you to walk in them all day without hurting your feet. With zippers on the sides, you can just slip them on in a flash before going out, and taking them off is just as easy. They look good with both jeans and skirts, and these boots are perfect for a grunge girl’s everyday looks.

With so many fast-fashion shops and online stores today, it could be hard to balance style and ethics. Thanks to the rise of veganism, more and more people are choosing to become conscious consumers and saying no to unethically made products.

Companies are also increasing their vegan collections, so there are lots of products on the market made with vegan materials, such as vegan leather, leatherette, vinyl, and many more.

These military-inspired boots are among the most iconic items in fashion, and they are not going out of style anytime soon. Their versatility makes them perfect for the casual day-to-day and events that are more formal. They are essential to rocker outfits and they can toughen up even the girliest of dresses. Plus, they’re comfortable to walk in and will last you for years to come.

Traditionally, combat boots are made of leather. This means the creation of them involves brutally slaughtering innocent animals. The tanning process of leather is also harmful. For a pair of these cool-looking boots to be made, harmful toxins are involved, and many workers’ health is jeopardized.

However, there are better options now that do not involve such unethical practices.

With the vegan alternatives on this list, you can rock that edgy look without putting people, animals, and our environment at risk.

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