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12 Stylish Vegan Belts for Men & Women

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More and more people are choosing vegan belts over leather belts, and for good reason.

Thanks to the rise of veganism, vegan belts can be found in many alternative materials that are ethically made and cruelty-free, such as leatherette, vinyl, cork leather, PU leather, and other organic synthetic materials.

With innovative technology, belts made with these vegan materials retain their classic leather appearance while being durable and stylish. They are much better alternatives to genuine leather products because they are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so you can wear them with a clear conscience. 

If you are on the hunt for a new belt, here are 12 stylish and vegan recommendations for both ladies and gentlemen who value environmental protection and animal welfare.

Best Vegan Belts for Men

Truth Belts Vegan SLUG Belt

The vegan SLUG belt by Truth Belts offers a timeless classic look with its simple yet stylish design. Not only are these vegan belts ethically made of synthetic materials, but the materials are also organic. Truth Belts pride itself in its high-quality and durable products and this belt is said to be virtually indestructible. The SLUG belt allows you to stay stylish while staying away from cruel and unethical manufacturing processes.

NIXON Americana Vegan Belt

Another true classic for gentlemen, this vegan belt is designed to be both practical and animal-friendly. Made with vegan leather, steel buckle, and a decorative rivet, durability is not an issue for this belt, and it can definitely handle daily wear for a long time. With a classy look and colors that go with everything, this vegan belt is suitable for everyday wear, and it works on both casual and formal occasions.

Corkor Vegan Belt with Classic Prong Buckle

This vegan belt made with cork is a great alternative to leather ones. Crafted with sustainable cork, the outer bark of cork oak trees, it has a distinct look that stands out. Cork also gives it optimum practicality, as it is water repellent and resistant to scratches and stains. Taking care of it is also easy, just wash it with water and soap. Being cruelty-free, PETA-approved, and simply stylish, your wardrobe will certainly welcome this vegan accessory.

Vegan Plain Belt with Matte Oval Buckle

Although it might look like leather, this vegan belt is made with synthetic materials that have nothing to do with any animal product. This vegan belt features a steel oval buckle with a matte finish, and it is a versatile and practical piece. There is also a vast array of colors and prints for you to choose from (a total of 16 styles!), so you can surely find your fit no matter if you’re into wild prints and metallics or if you’re after a classy and low-key look.

The Vegan Collection Julian Reversible Belt

The Vegan Collection takes versatility to the next level by adding a reversible function to its Julian vegan belt. One side of the belt strap is black with the other side being brown, and the buckle can be flipped, so you can match it with virtually everything in your wardrobe. With this reversible feature, this is a great deal because you basically get two belts for the price of one. Made with synthetic microfiber, you can stay stylish with a clear conscience with this vegan belt.

Dickies Men’s Vegan Leather Stretch Belt

As its name suggests, this vegan leather stretch belt by Dickies has got some stretch imbued to allow maximum comfort. It is black from its strap to the buckle, and the steel buckle has a matte gunmetal finish, creating a sleek, monotone look. Being stretchy, this belt moves with you so you can wear it without feeling restricted. With comfort and a cool look, this vegan belt is certainly one of the top choices for gentlemen who care deeply about our planet.

Best Vegan Belts for Women

Vegan Leatherette Jean Belt with Matte Pearlized Black Buckle

With 4 colors to choose from as well as a snakeskin print option, this versatile vegan leatherette jean belt is a worthy addition to your wardrobe. Leatherette is made with synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl, and it is specifically crafted to look and feel like real leather. Having a matte buckle, the metal is covered with a pearlescent sheen, which adds a cool element to any outfit. Go for black if you are looking for an everyday belt, and you can get one in snakeskin print for a bold statement piece.

Corkor Vegan Belt for Women

Crafted with cork leather, a material made from the cork oak tree’s bark, this Corkor vegan belt is as stylish as it is cruelty-free. No worries about deforestation either, as cork tree bark can be harvested sustainably without harming or cutting trees down. The cork leather gives it a unique look, so even your simple outfits will stand out when you’re wearing this belt. Corkor’s products are PETA-approved, so you can rock your trendy looks without animals being harmed.

Tie-Ups Completely Recyclable Vegan Reptile Belt BASIC LASER

Made with 100% recyclable materials, this unisex vegan belt from Tie-Ups allows you to keep up with the latest trends and be eco-friendly at the same time. This belt is made without animal products and metal, and it is so durable and waterproof, you can throw them into the washing machine for a wash! Made in Italy, this belt promises quality and style for those conscious consumers who care deeply about our one and only planet.

Vegan Disney Logo Belt

This next recommendation is going to make die-hard Disney fans very happy. Featuring the classic logo in cast gold, this vegan Disney logo belt will make the child in you scream with delight. With a wider strap, this belt is the perfect statement piece for when you’re wearing a dress or a flowy skirt. Made with vegan leather, it is a great alternative to belts made with real leather. Plus, now you know what to wear next time you go to the happiest place on earth.

Vegan Leather Round Buckle Belt

This belt from Modern Citizen comes in black and features an elegant round silver buckle that will add a classy finishing touch to any outfit. No animals were harmed in the making of this belt, as it is made with vegan leather, which is just as good as the real thing (if not better). A truly versatile piece, you can use it to highlight your waistline when you’re wearing a loose summer dress, or you can wear it with your everyday jeans-and-a-t-shirt look for an added element of elegance.

Faux-leather Vegan Womens Pin Buckle Belt

This faux-leather belt is from Leafy Souls, an online vegan fashion shop offering ethically made vegan products. The unique thing about this product is that it comes in many styles and colors. This belt comes in 4 colors, and there are 3 types of geometric buckles to choose from. Versatility is guaranteed, so is its being cruelty-free. It is made with PU leather, so it looks like the real deal, and it is just as durable.

Belts are a necessity to everyone’s wardrobes.

They are functional and fashionable accessories that can make your outfits look more put-together and give your looks a stylish update. Belts are great for casual outfits that consist of your regular jeans and a t-shirt, and they can also be worn when formal attire is called for. 

No matter if you want to add a bold statement to your looks or simply hold your slightly loose jeans up, belts are your best pals for those jobs.

Vegan belts are great for our environment as they are often made with organic materials, and they are a guarantee that animals were not harmed during the manufacturing process. 

The quality of vegan belts is just as good as ones crafted from genuine leather, and their durability can also stand the test of time. All these positive features make vegan belts much better options for conscious consumers who place huge importance on environmental protection and animal welfare.

Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, with a bit of search, you can find ethical alternatives that are just as fashionable.

With these vegan belts, you can keep up with the latest styles while looking out for the environment and animals. It’s the best of both worlds!

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